Dear daddy: Happy father’s day

Letter to Peter Nduli

Dear daddy

Thank you so much. Thank you so much for your love and support, thank you so much for raising me in the best way you know how, thank you for the teachings you’ve instilled in me, and the power you’ve given me to live my life the best way I know how. life is how you make it.

For the days you’ve carried me to bed even when I pretended to be asleep, and still understood I still needed time to let go of my precious wooden cottage. I am thankful.

At my big age, you still get me snacks that you know I love because you’ve made it your mission to learn about the things that I love. Even when I come back home from university, you still make sure that there are lays chips, fizzy drinks and biscuits awaiting me. Thank you for rubbing this beautiful love language off on me.

And you remembering the exact Adele’s song I loved so much?! Indeed you listened and paid attention.

You’re still a great father to me and my sister, and a great grandfather to my sister’s child who’s still about to witness what living a good life means once you discover what purity is (haha).

I am so grateful that you’re my father and that you’ve raised me up to be a strong woman. Even when you’ve said it in affection than words, I know you love me, my sister and your granddaughter and I hope you know we love you too.

Today I wanna be better and do better (from today onwards)

Happy Father’s Day dad and to other great fathers out there.


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