My crazy childhood pt2

The one thing I hated so much about my childhood was that I was obliged to herd goats. Goats! I feel like part of my childhood was stolen because I had to go look for my grandmother’s goats before dawn. That’s boys’ work isn’t it?

To be honest that made my throat itch like when you’re watching something really sad and you feel like crying but you just can’t because you don’t want the whole world to think you’re too soft.

Anyway, I am reminded of how well me and my sister were taken care of. My grandmother would wake up in the morning, prepare umdoko for us (soft porridge), and water for us to bath. Basically we were spoiled.

Things would get messy when my mom came home on fridays of every month end. My mom was a clean freak, so she’d make sure that we bath when she comes. My sister wasn’t bad herself, but me! I hated water with every fibre of my being and hated being told what to do(still do). So as a result of my bad decision making, I’d get my ass whooped with a wet bath cloth and it was the same story until I decided that I’d throw away my panties in the toilet, hide them under the bed or even throw them in the garden where they’d probably not be found. Don’t judge me ok!, I wasn’t about to keep getting ass whooped by my mother like that!

My childhood was crazy, my friends were crazy too. But there was just one that stands out from the rest of them. A beautiful, light skinned girl with pink lips and ruby red hair. Well, she would forget to wear her panties to school and she’d be like “I forgot to wear my panties”, oh schucks! We were also in cahoots to make my grandfather’s second wife who just hated everyone except herself and her kids run after us everyday . Poor woman. We would create a schedule just to go disrespect people. I loved that friend so much because I felt we could relate especially with our issue with panties and the fact that we used to play house together and we’d both steal food or matches in our homes and sometimes use tins to cook mud (haha)

I still can’t believe how messed up I was back then. And what made it worse was that you wouldn’t tell me anything- I always knew everything. I can almost imagine myself, an uncombed hair, dusty school shoes and oh did I mention that I’d bath only on the front and leave the back to figure itself out? And then apply vaseline to my half clean, half dirty body. I remember I got to school one day and I came to the realisation that how come, how dare! I was so dirty, no lie. At the center of the school, I just got to the realisation that all this time I haven’t been bathing and then I used my saliva because I refused to be told what to do, I had to come up with a plan. From then on, I tried to do things better and let my sister help me out. Ikani ayibhadeli (stubbornness doesn’t pay)!


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